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2nd ADRION Thematic Cluster Meeting 18/06/2020

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2nd ADRION Thematic Cluster Meeting 18/06/2020

November 25th, 2020|Events, Library|

On the 18th of June 2020 the 2nd capitalization meeting of the ADRION Thematic Cluster no.2 on Coastal and Marine Environment management activities took place.

All three ADRION projects, HarmoNIA, PORTODIMARE and IMPRECO, met online in order to discuss the results produced by the projects, their contribution to EUSAIR as well as the necessary steps that need to be taken within the near future. The meeting began with presentations of all three projects by their coordinators (Marina Lipizer, Olga Sedioli and Massimiliano Pinat). Following these presentations, Marina Lipizer (HarmoNIA Coordinator) presented a comparative analysis of all cluster projects during which emphasis was given on what has been achieved so far and which are the next necessary steps.

The contribution of the ADRION Cluster projects to EUSAIR was also presented in detail and was then followed by a productive dialogue amongst all participants during which people presented their thoughts and ideas on future plans.

All in all, the second and final capitalization meeting went really well and gave everybody enough food for thought on how to proceed within the next period. It was agreed by everybody that in the meantime the most important thing to do is to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each project in order to plan for future activities.Short presentation of IMPRECO. M. Pinat


ADRION Thematic Cluster no.2 Coastal and Marine Environment management activities: what and why. O. Sedioli – PORTODIMARE

Short presentation of PORTODIMARE. O. Sedioli

Short presentation of HarmoNIA. M. Lipizer

Short presentation of IMPRECO. M. Pinat

Results from comparative analysis: ADRION challenges faced by the cluster; data & information made available; tools; need of cooperation/coordination. M. Lipizer

Contribution to EUSAIR. O. Sedioli


CAP_TC 2nd meeting minutes_Final